Wow! This is one of the most amazing outpourings ever! Full of Truth! Jesus!!! It's just what my heart needed to hear and receive! The love of God into my heart!
Thank you so much!!!

- Jill T

Even my eyes have been opened!
Everything outside looks crisper, bright and clear

- Lisa K

Miracles abounding
instantly after this
teaching went live.

- Eric W

This teaching is powerful!!! I feel a change in me
just watching this!

- Kevin J

...and through the brilliant light, and in that light was Jesus Christ staring at me through him. I was beholding the King of all flesh, and my flesh could not move.
This life on earth is for one reason: To have God live through you. Jesus has chosen you. Do you know what for? TO BEAR HIS GLORY! So He can live through you to give you the desires of your heart!
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"INCARNATION and the HOLY GHOST -VS- The demonology of the devil" Teach your children the power of salvation, while you still can! Behold the power: